Lucca Beach and Lucca by the Sea: Visiting Bodrum’s Hotspots for a Chic Mediterranean Summer

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Located along Turkey’s Aegean coast, Bodrum has emerged as one of Turkey’s — and all of Europe’s — most luxurious summer holiday destinations. Bodrum is a stunning seaside city that is known for its world-class resorts, beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. With a focus on high-end travelers, Bodrum boasts stylish fashion shops, classy eateries, and marinas full of billionaires’ yachts.

While there was a lull during the pandemic years, the first part of 2022 saw a 76.8 percent increase in Americans visiting Turkey, according to Forbes. This summer, there are expected to be even more American and global visitors to the region with celebrities and cultural icons leading the charge.

Bodrum gets very warm in the summer, with daily temperatures reaching around 35 degrees Celsius — or 95 degrees Fahrenheit — in July and August. Bodrum is a very multidimensional city with a lot to offer its guests. The city has been dubbed “Turkey’s St. Tropez,” as more people flock to Bodrum’s beach clubs and nightlife.

Two of Bodrum’s most popular venues are Lucca Beach and Lucca by the Sea. After opening Lucca by the Sea in the summer of 2021, Lucca Beach opened its doors last year. Lucca Beach is located within the iconic Mandarin Oriental at Paradise Bay, combining all the best elements of music, style, and nature.

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Lucca Beach is beloved by some of the world’s top trendsetters, as it exudes quiet luxury and sophisticated relaxation. Lucca Beach is turning the eyes of summer travelers away from Mykonos, St. Tropes, and Ibiza to Bodrum.  Lucca Beach often hosts luxurious events and live music sets. Some past performances include top global DJs like Palms Trax & Dekmantel Soundsystem (July 14th-15th) and Adam Port (July 22nd), among more. The beach club is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily and is known as one of the best party venues in all of the Mediterranean.

Lucca Style’s other venue in Bodrum, Lucca By the Sea, is a restaurant that is also located in the Mandarin Oriental Resort. Led by Chef Hüseyin Kılıç, the culinary team serves an exceptional Turkish fusion taste journey to guests as they enjoy the chic design and beautiful views of pristine coastal vistas from the deck.

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With their idyllic views in beautiful Paradise Bay, fresh cuisine featuring local ingredients, and cocktails inspired by the serene yet indulgent Mediterranean lifestyle, Lucca Beach and Lucca by the Sea have become go-to spots for international travelers and summer partygoers alike.

The Lucca brand is the culmination of Cem Mirap’s 25 plus years of experience in the industry. Mirap has been honored with many awards recognizing his contributions to the culinary world such as Timeout Best Brasserie Award, Timeout Best Bar Award, and inclusion in the World’s Top 50 Discovery Series. Mirap founded Lucca at the age of 29 after working in NYC’s culinary and event scenes. Over the last two decades, Mirap would expand the Lucca empire across the world, opening international pop-ups in highly-sought after destinations like Mykonos and Capri. In addition to the Lucca brand, Mirap is also a co-founder and board member of Fuudy, Turkey’s most prominent luxury restaurant delivery app, connecting over 800 restaurants with an eager consumer base.

Providing both relaxation and fun, vibrant entertainment, Lucca Beach and Lucca by the Sea are must-visit stops along the Mediterranean this summer for those seeking to create special memories.

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