Forget all that talk on the campaign trail about a “fur free” West Hollywood… City Council candidate Lucas John wants to ban the sale of crystal meth pipes.

If elected, the 28-year-old challenger tells L.A. Weekly, “I'm going to call for the ban of meth pipes. I'm going to say people have to go to Culver City or wherever so we can make it harder on our [gay] community to use and get addicted to meth.”

John's pledge is a reaction to the tired West Hollywood tradition among its politicians to pass resolutions that have little to do with the day-to-day lives of WeHo residents.

Although some candidates are getting press for resolving to ban or regulate fur sales, John says that crystal meth addiction is a more serious problem in WeHo, particularly within the city's large gay population.

John says meth pipes are sold in small shops throughout West Hollywood, including near his home in the central part of the city. He wants to stop that.

West Hollywood City Council member Linsdey Horvath and former planning commissioner John D'Amico have been trying to woo voters by getting tough on the sale of fur.

Horvath and D'Amico are among several candidates in this year's WeHo elections on March 8.

John thinks the fur issue is a bunch of political mumbo jumbo. “I want to change things that actually matter,” he says.

Aside from the life threatening effects of crystal meth itself, AIDS activists say that the use of the drug often leads to unsafe sex practices, which makes people vulnerable to getting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis.

At age 26, Horvath was controversially appointed to the West Hollywood City Council in 2009, but she will actually have to win votes in the upcoming election in order to stay there.

So now she's promising to lead the way for West Hollywood to be the first U.S. city to implement the new Federal Truth in Fur Labeling Act, signed by President Barack Obama on December 18, 2010 and set to take effect on March 18.

Horvath will bring up this issue tonight at a West Hollywood City Council meeting.

Horvath is not the only WeHo City Council candidate to reach out to animal-friendly voters by calling upon the fashion police.

Challenger John D'Amico took the first major stance on fur sales in West Hollywood, which got him international headlines … and the notice of Lindsey Horvath and probably her scheming campaign manager Dante Atkins.

D'Amico has pledged to “make good” on a 1989 resolution passed by WeHo City Council proclaiming the city as a “Cruelty Free Zone for Animals.” In other words, he wants to ban the selling of furs altogether in West Hollywood. (Which sure would, if anything, make labeling them simpler.)

WeHo politicians have a long history of passing feel-good resolutions that seem to have more to do with proving their liberal street cred than making West Hollywood a better place to live. John sees the fur issue as just the latest example of that kind of political grandstanding.

John is one of several of challenging candidates featured in the L.A. Weekly cover story “Dethroning West Hollywood's Martinets.”

Additional reporting by Patrick Range McDonald.

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