The future is now cannabis enthusiasts and foodies alike are spouting universal praise for L.A.’s newest culinary advancement, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe. Lowell Farms opened its doors for the first time last week, and L.A. has never seen anything like it. Lowell Farms is America’s first completely legal cannabis cafe, allowing consumption indoors and on their patio, while offering cannabis products like edibles, flower and concentrates, as well as delectable entrees and snacks, all of which (cannabis products included) are farm-to-table. 

“We took limited reservations and were able to seat around 650 guests,” said Lowell’s executive chef Andrea Drummer, in reference to their stellar opening day. “It was an incredible experience and a historic moment that we’ll never forget” 

Lowell Farms

You might know chef Drummer from her features in Vogue, Forbes and Marie Claire, or from her multiple Netflix appearances on shows like Chelsea Does and Cooking On High. Chef Drummer also spent years crafting private THC- and CBD-infused meals for cannabis enthusiasts like Wiz Khalifa and Chelsea Handler, but now she is ready to serve L.A. residents at large. 

“The entire country is ready for a cannabis cafe. The support, feedback and turnout speaks volumes,” Drummer told L.A. Weekly

Lowell Farms’ Bar

When seated at Lowell Farms, you are introduced to two separate servers, your food server and your “Flower Host,” who is in charge of any and all cannabis related inquiries. You are also given two menus, a small/petite multi-page cannabis menu complete with flower, concentrate, and edible options, and a food and drink menu, curated by chef Drummer.

“The menu is inspired by seasonal offerings from local farms, cannabis consumption and personal food memory,” Drummer said.  “Notably, there are a great number of fresh items that we thoughtfully source, as well as comfort foods and menu items reflective of growing up in my south Florida community.” 

Lowell Farm’s staff is not only culinarily sound, but also extremely educated in areas of cannabis consumption. It touts its staff as a “reflection of cannabis consumers from all walks of life,” and Flower Host, Shay Navarro, who moonlights as an artist under the name PAPERma$HAY, reflected that perfectly. She  was knowledgeable, helpful and attentive in recommending which of their pre-rolled joints, starting at $15, paired best with their vegan nachos, which have already become one of their signature entrees. 

“If you’re getting a dessert, I’d recommend the chiquita banana OG, which is an indica, paired with one of our ice cream sundaes,” Shay told L.A. Weekly.  “The Watermelon OG pre-roll goes well with our Fruity Pebbles cheesecake too.”

Shay was one of Lowell Farms’ first hires, and she couldn’t be happier with her role serving cannabis products to the masses. 

Lowell Farms

“It feels really special to be a part of this. Just working here I feel like I’m a part of history,” Shay told the Weekly. “With everything being legalized, it’s the perfect time to open a cannabis cafe and we have the means to do it and do it in a way that’s really nice and inviting.”

Inviting is an understatement when describing first impressions of Lowell Farms. The decor features lush foliage draped over retro wooden and neon signs, all against exposed brick and recycled wood, meant to pay homage to cannabis tea pads of the past. Along with its stunning decor, Lowell boasts a state of the art air filtration system, so if you are expecting a cloud of smoke and unbearable odors of your average smoking lounge, think again.

Lowell Farms is not just a functional farm-to-table restaurant and it is definitely not akin to your average ‘round the corner dispensary. It is a stoner sanctuary, an upscale restaurant, and a cannabis dispensary, all within the same four walls. The best way to describe Lowell Farms, as spouted by a patron, bong in hand, is this; “It’s like a cannabis cafe in Amsterdam, but the cafes in Amsterdam aren’t this… culinarily exceptional.”


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