“It's not that I don't trust the director, but he seems to be underestimating the challenges ahead,” says Q, the long-haired, listlessly elegant protagonist of Pablo Pijnappel's film Quirijn. Q has just explained — via subtitles because the film has no sound — that he agreed to be filmed for the money but doesn't expect much else from it. Shot in Berlin on 16mm and screening at Ambach & Rice, Pijnappel's film looks vintage but isn't. It follows Q for 10 minutes or so, and for the first half, it's hard to care about Q's laid-back stream of consciousness. By the second half, Q has become endearing. By the time the director steps in for a few minutes at the end, to talk about why Q became his subject, you genuinely want to know about how Q probably has “normal desires” but finds “the act of seduction” too much bother and yet goes far out of his way for good coffee. 6148 Wilshire Blvd.; through Nov. 24. (323) 965-5500, ambachandrice.com.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Oct. 20. Continues through Nov. 24, 2012

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