Ah, the holidays. They bring people together. Like this couple, who police say robbed a downtown jewelry store this week of $,8,000 cash.

So sweet. Hey honey, let's go out and rob shit. Maybe we'll get some earrings for grandma.

The robbery at Diamano Fine Jewelry, 404 W. Seventh St., was reported about 3 p.m. on Tuesday. according to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department. The place is on the fifth floor of the Mitta Building, so the duo apparently had to plan this thing out.

What's more, the downtown L.A. Jewelry District has lots of cops around, not to mention armed guards, so this was a fairly brave date for the two.

"Honey, you dropped a bill."; Credit: LAPD

“Honey, you dropped a bill.”; Credit: LAPD

“This is among the best video of a robbery I've ever seen,” said Det. Alfredo Rasch. “The man with the gun seems to be the brawn in the case, while the woman seems to be the brains.”

Cops say the man pulled out a gun and forced employees to get on their knees while his companion held zip ties threateningly (she never used them).

The two took a bag of cash and fled.

” … The man-woman pairing is unusual,” Rasch said.

Anyone with information on this romantic duo was asked to call detectives at 213-972-1248.

LA Weekly