The lobster — is any creature so beguiling, not to mention delicious when dipped in drawn butter? And do they really scream when you plop them into boiling water? Learn more than you ever thought possible about the seductive crustaceans at this book signing for The Secret Life of Lobsters. Former commercial lobster fisherman–turned–pop science writer and culinary expert Trevor Corson talks about life underwater, how all kinds of fascinating seafood are “caught and collected by equally interesting human beings in ways that are sometimes good and sometimes bad for the environment.” He'll tell stories that are often amusing, sometimes sobering and always fascinating, beginning with the rugged lives of Maine fishermen, as well as the hilarious sex lives of the lobsters they catch.” Want more? He also promises “surprising secrets of the mysterious world of sushi.”

Wed., Jan. 27, 7 p.m., 2010

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