Good news! You know love, that surge of feeling most of us feel once in a while that somehow is still so complicated that poor Foreigner doesn't even know what it is? This week's Studies in Crap post presents Spread Some Love, the world's most helpful book on the subject! It's full of thoughts like these:

“Abraham Lincoln who failed over and over again had this to say: 'We have nothing to fear but fear itself.'”


“We live in a society where women complain that a good man is hard to find. And men choose to stay single or form homogenous relationships.”

Just click on through to Studies in Crap on our Style Council blog and you'll meet author John A. Andrews, learn why women talk so much, thrill to a Spread Some Love promotional video that has a surprising amount of axe fetishization, and discover what Kenny Rogers, Vince Lombardi and Saw producer Mark Burg have to teach us about the fine art of love-spreading.

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