In case you haven’t noticed, art galleries have embraced the unknown territory of the virtual these past couple of weeks with something almost resembling enthusiasm. Once lamenting the loss of in-person audiences to the rise of Instagram, by and large dealers and curators now race to adopt the mechanisms of socially distanced culture. Beyond the live streamed artist talk, many are even figuring out how to use platforms like Zoom to try to recreate the energy of a reception via remote gatherings.

In that spirit, Bergamot Station’s bG Gallery will host the opening reception for its newest group show Love in the Time of Corona, via both their Instagram live feed (for voyeurs) and a Zoom room (for minglers). For those who like context and the juxtapositions of the installation hang, a 360-degree virtual exploration of the exhibit will be available on the gallery website. The artwork checklist and price list as well as a smooth purchasing portal will be available at the gallery’s Artsy page.

Ryan Schude (courtesy of bG Gallery)

For those of you who like a good artist’s talk or exhibition walkthrough, an abundance of pre-recorded interviews and virtual conversations will be released opening night at — a fantastic L.A.-based curatorial and guided tour organization currently leading the way toward the new virtual model for dedicated gallery-hoppers. And because we must all keep each other in mind even when we are out of sight, proceeds from exhibition sales will benefit Meals on Wheels West.

Gregory Horndeski (courtesy of bG Gallery)

Peg Grady (courtesy of bG Gallery)

Melissa Meier (courtesy of bG Gallery)

Among the works in Love In The Time Of Corona a clear mood emerges across styles and mediums, as contributions from the artists evince a surrealist look at the texture of lives lived in isolation or at least solitude, expressed through depopulated interiors and bodies experiencing modification and the effects of external forces on nature and its mutation.

Artists include: Allois, Dan Busta, Max Ernst, Ted Gall, Peg Grady, Serge Hamad, Gregory Horndeski, John Kilduff, Michael Turchin, Mike Saijo, Roberto Matta, Mike Maxwell, Melissa Meier, Susan Moss, Gay Summer Rick,  Ellen Schinderman, Ryan Schude, George Segal, Dorothea Tanning, Francisco Zuniga, Alessandra Perelli, Taft McWhorter, Meghan Hedley and Mickey Avalon.

Exhibition dates: March 28-April 6; virtual reception: Saturday, March 28, 5-6:30 p.m. After the opening reception the gallery will be open by appointment only, in person or via Facetime, until further notice. 

Dorothea Tanning (courtesy of bG Gallery)

Gay Summer Rick (courtesy of bG Gallery)

Serge Hamad (courtesy of bG Gallery)

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