Sicko lounge act The Lampshades used to play almost every Saturday night at I.O. West, sometimes to rooms barely half-full. Now that “Kassie,” a.k.a. Kate Flannery, is a regular on The Office, tickets might be tougher to get. Along with “Yori” (Scot Robinson), the Lampshades work the scotch-soaked, mascara-running piano medley to fine, sleazy effect. No matter how many bands you’ve seen, you have never heard “Mandy” meets “Brandy” with The Andy Griffith Show theme song and “Candy Man” thrown in for bad measure. Caution: May contain polyester. Tonight’s show features “Sinatra’s singing bastard,” Rudy Casoni. Also on the first Saturday of the month at I.O. West (see Comedy listings).

Wed., Sept. 3, 8 p.m., 2008

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