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Angelina Jolie
usually tops the list, but when it comes to babes who get everybody hot (even straight gals and gay guys), there’s one raven-haired beauty with an even badder reputation: Joan Jett. The original cherry bomb headlined last weekend’s Gay Pride Festival, and her hit-packed set saw swooning sisters and misters of all persuasions swarming around the stage, including none other than Sharon Stone. (Jett’s rumored GF Carmen Electra was nowhere in sight.) J.J.’s appeal is a combo of beauty, ballsy stance and, of course, that sexy rasp — though potty-mouthed Pride MC Chi Chi La Rue theorized it’s ’cause “her guitar is like a dick.” The other hostess with the mostest, madam Momma, did a fine job filling the time between performances along with cohort Billy Masters, fawning over Stone (“You’re looking so butch in your vintage rock T-shirt! You are a goddess for all the money you’ve raised for AIDS!”), mocking tradition (“Aren’t we tired of the whole rainbow thing already? It’s so ’80s!”) and perfectly encapsulating the WeHo happening’s familial vibe (“There were so many strollers out there today, it was like Disneyland!”). Make that Disneyland with drag queens and biker dykes. Speaking of which, despite Joanie’s charms, we were almost as enthralled by the burly leather-clad lez doing sign language onstage during the show. Not only did her hands do the talkin’, but her hips did too, especially during “Do Ya Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)?” Deaf interpretations were also a part of Berlin’s performance, which included unique covers of Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show” and Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” Of course, “Sex (I’m A)” made for a rousing climax.

{mosimage}GHOULS ON FILM

John Belushi nodding out, Andy Warhol chomping corn flakes, Sid Vicious flashing his sex pistol — these are just a few of the memorable images currently on display at Shooting Gallery, the rock & roll art space on Sunset next to Guitar Center.The gallery celebrated its first anniversary last Friday with the New York–centric show “Band Aparte,” featuring insider shots of CBGB (RIP) and Warhol’s Factory as well as fucked-up and famous pics by Marcia Resnick, whose studio served as a party pit in the ’70s for the likes of Belushiand Johnny Thunders (one shot shows him in a fedora accessorized by a syringe).Guess it’s no coincidence most of the gallery’s subjects are dead, in no small part due to their decadent and/or drug-fueled lifestyles.(Owner Bobby Carlton really hit the bull’s eye when he named the place!) Other featured photogs include Factory members Gerard Malanga and Billy Name (who’s said to be responsible for painting the Factory silver). Carlton — whose famous friends such as Rachel Hunter, Joe Dallesandro (star of Warhol’s Trash), Trace Ayala (Justin Timberlake’s BF and business partner), and Reba’s Joanna Garcia came out to support —tells us the next show he’s jazzed about (opening in September) will feature Beat Generation pics, including rare Kerouac candids. (“Band Aparte” runs through this weekend.) (See gallery of art here)… More provocative images were showcased at the “One Year in Purgatory” photo exhibit, displayed at Boardner’s Saturday-night haunt, Bar Sinister. Featuring beautiful fetish fiends — snapped by Eric Charles in Sinister’s upstairs S&M lair — the exhibit was stunning, though the gal getting whipped in the middle of the room last Saturday night probably distracted from the art just a bit. Glitter glamsters Sounds of Asteroth,who played outside, were also a dramatic diversion — not to mention the lingerie-lovin’ vamps floating across the dance floor. The skivvies were superskimpy too: Sinister just hired a valet service to protect its lightly dressed clientele from street hasslers. The valets are sure to be extra busy on June 23, when the club welcomes Patrick Mata and Kommunity FK for a rare L.A. appearance. Though he’s battled his own demons over the years, the goth icon is one performer who, thankfully, always manages to come back from the dead.

{mosimage}ACHEY BREAKY

B-boy culture has come a long way since Electric Boogaloo, and we saw the proof last Saturday afternoon at Red Bull’s BC One, a dance-off full of flips, dips and lips-to-the-floor moves. Set up like a gladiator battle with DJ Tony D and judges Kwikstep, Gizmo and Easy Roc looking down on the action, this was a mind-blowing, athletic spectacle that got us thinking: If ice skating can be an Olympic sport, why not breakdancing? After three elimination stages, the spastic gymnastics of Speed-D emerged victorious. He’ll move on to the finals in South Africa. Though we were bummed there were no females in the competition, an all-girl crew did perform a history of street dance, highlighting its progression from popping-and-locking to breaking and rocking. These ladies were da bomb, no bull. Still, the most inspiring part of the event had to be the crew called Ill Abilities, featuring three disabled dancers — one deaf, one on crutches and one missing a leg — who did spins, jumps and in-the-air feats that had to be seen to be believed. Breaker Lazy Legz even chucked his crutches and stomped without ’em at one point, something he said he just recently mastered. “I always said I’d throw these things off the Grand Canyon when I was able to do that,” he said to the crowd. “You guys are all invited.” Maybe Red Bull really does give ya wings…

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