Lou Canon is on the (Neko) Case: Canadian songstress Lou Canon told us about her M.Ward/Neko Case experience in the UK.

Lou Canon: It’s wildly difficult to choose the best gig I’ve ever seen. And even more challenging not to lean on one of the great living (or no longer living) legends. Some of my favourite shows have frozen in time a version of me that once was, and no longer is. They’ve bottled an emotion so potent, so powerful. Those memories have been bronzed forever in my brain like the perfect pair of baby shoes displayed on the shelf. Only it’s the soundtrack to my life.

One show that stands out was from my early twenties. I had just finished university. I had taken a year off of responsibilities. And I embarked on a trip with my sisters to see many far off places we’d never seen before. I woke up early that morning, on my birthday, in Cairo, Egypt. We flew to the UK that same day and made it just in time to catch M. Ward and Neko Case.

They were playing in some dodgy English pub that reeked of day old beer and youth. I hovered at the back bar sipping on crappy rail drinks. I remember this show with such fondness. It’s what freedom sounded like, felt like, tasted like. I didn’t know where I’d end up next or where I was going, but frankly, it didn’t matter. I watched a performance by two artists that I truly adored. And what they were doing seemed … doable. Something was so normal about it. It was an inspiration that was accessible. I remember that weightless high like it was yesterday.

Lou Canon is on the (Neko) Case: Lou Canon’s “Aurelie” (Lido Pimienta Remix) single is out now.

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