Welcome to Los Angeles. Now go home.

That seems to be the message that appeared over the weekend near the famed Hollywood sign, where locals, it would appear, are sick and tired of out-of-town gawkers in their Mulholland hilltop neighborhood.

Curbed LA captured photos of the white message inscribed in dirt. It accompanies another sign that says …

… “No trespassing private property violators will be persecuted.”

Ah, Angeleno hospitality. And while you're up in them there hills, mind as well get shot, like director Warner Herzog once did. It's a true L.A. experience.

While we sympathize with locals sick of tour buses and graffiti scrawling kids crawling around their neighborhood, they have to realize that they live next to one of the world's most iconic tourist attractions.

Tourists, you can always return the favor with a sign of your own. It's next to your index finger. We call it the 405 salute.


LA Weekly