The economy is dire. People are selling their used underwear on Craigslist. You've downgraded from DirecTV to YouTube. You buy your fresh produce from a freeway offramp!

And yet Los Angeles sugar daddies are spending $5,448 a month on their chickadees? Yep. So says the latest annual sugar daddy report by the prostitution dating site

Crazy town, this.

According to data sent to the Weekly and based on the site's latest “Top 20 Cities to Find a Sugar Daddy” survey of its membership (which stands at more than 2 million, a 71 percent increase since one year ago), L.A. sugar daddies are straight ballers, y'all.

They make an average $437,818 a year and spend way more than your rent on their pals: $5,448 a month. The average age of such a player? 38.

Who are these people? Look around. See that douche in the new, $120,000 Porsche? Yep.

Brandon Wade,'s CEO:

Not only is the face of the modern Sugar Daddy changing, but his needs are as well. Men who gain their wealth at a young age understand that time can't be wasted chasing fruitless leads. Arrangements on our website are catered to ensure that both parties are satisfied.

Indeed. (Swirls Courvoisier in tumbler).

L.A. actually slipped a few notches on the national sugar scale, from fifth to eighth, with 3.61 sugar daddies for every 1,000 adult males, according to the sites ultra-scientific data:

1 Atlanta 5.98 [per 1,000]

2 Scottsdale 5.23

3 San Francisco 4.94

4 Tampa 4.48

5 Boston 4.29

6 Las Vegas 4.17

7 Orlando 3.98

8 Los Angeles 3.61

9 Seattle 3.47

10 Austin 3.13

11 Chicago 3.04

12 New York 2.79

13 New Orleans 2.43

14 Washington D.C. 2.39

15 Minneapolis 2.07

16 Denver 1.96

17 Philadelphia 1.88

18 Houston 1.85

19 Portland 1.77

20 Charlotte 1.49

Atlanta, Scottsdale, Arizona, San Francisco, Tampa, Florida, Boston and Las Vegas were among the towns that beat us out, but L.A. did rank third in terms of monthly cash spent on sugar babies:

Glad we could rate in this prestigious competition.

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