A Los Angeles sex offender was sentenced today to 110 years for the sexual assault and murder of Alyssa Gomez, a 15-year-old runaway and foster kid who went by the street name Raven. Pitre was convicted in May of her murder.

Pitre had only been out of prison for four days before he strangled Gomez in a room at the cruddy Olive Motel on Sunset Boulevard on June 4, 2007. Her body was found dumped and wrapped in a hotel comforter behind the El Cid Restaurant, located about one mile away. She was discovered by a restaurant worker around 5 am.

Police discovered that Pitre checked into the motel under his own name. Motel surveillance footage also showed Pitre carrying something large and wrapped in a comforter out of his motel room and placing it in the trunk of his car. DNA later linked him to the crime.

Pitre, who went by the name Little Nut, had previously been convicted of raping his roommate in the late 90's.

Gomez became the subject of an L.A. Weekly cover story (June 19, 2008, “Raven: Death of a Hollywood Beauty”) and the focus of a documentary in the works by actress Dyan Cannon.

LA Weekly