We've said it until we were blue in the face. Los Angeles is not Hollywood. A vast majority of the working, brown masses in this county of 10 million souls have nothing to do with the entertainment industry. 

But the outside world's perception of L.A. is that of a star-obsessed town.

Well, the folks at LinkedIn analyzed the skills data of 175 million user profiles from around the world and concluded we were wrong. The city really is all about Hollywood.


The employment networking site recently looked at the skills data of its users and matched that with location information.

It came up with a list of “which skill categories are most uniquely found in each city in the U.S.”

At this point, you can probably guess what categories came up most often for L.A.-based users: TV and video production, theater and drama, computer graphics and animation, game development, music production, and more.

In other words, entertainment. LinkedIn called it like this:

Credit: LinkedIn

Credit: LinkedIn

Some cities really do fit their stereotype. When we looked at Los Angeles and Nashville, we were a bit amused to see the prominence of music, TV, and drama-related skills. After all, LA has Hollywood, and Nashville is the country music capital of the world!

We'd still argue that there's a lot going on here that has nothing to do with Tinseltown. And how many blue collar workers (L.A.'s per capita individual income is $27,900 and its median household take is about twice that) use LinkedIn anyway?

L.A.'s version of LinkedIn is yelling at each other on the freeway.

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