We'll admit it. L.A. is an underdog town. Not just because it comes in second to New York in population, or because NYC's culture and arts scenes get way more attention. But because sometimes we fall on our face, and it's all our own fault. Look at the people we elect. Look at our sorry roads. Look at our divisive AM-radio talk shows.

Frankly, it makes for great news, and sometimes the Weekly gets snarky about it.

No more. Here is our moment of Angeleno pride:

We made the top 5 places for “attractive people” in Travel+Leisure magazine's “America's Favorite Cities” lists, out this week.

Look in the mirror, people. Congratulate yourselves.

L.A. came in at No. 4, just ahead of Denver (?), and behind San Juan, Puerto Rico (1), our SoCal neighbors San Diego (2) and Miami (3).

Sense a theme here? Latinos make a place prettier, apparently. Them and ski bunnies.

And seeing that Angeleno men dress like they're heading off for a day of panhandling, all the credit must go to L.A. girls. They take care of themselves in this town:

Toes, fingernails, hair, yoga, eating well and getting a little bit of sun.

And while you might find that a bit narcissistic, we're not complaining. They're carrying the team, and guys have catching up to do.

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