What was it Oscar Wilde — oh, never mind. Something about not being talked about. Whatever. Here's a roundup of recent quotes about Los Angeles, as others see it, our Land of Hope and Failure.

  • “Living in Los Angeles, I really miss those days where it feels

    almost . . . it just goes black in the middle of the day. It's like a summer

    snow day–you can play hookie. Fuck the beach; let's go to the movies.”

    (Interview with Shudder to Think singer Craig Wedren in NY Press)

  • “I've never had a huge desire to visit Los Angeles, but seeing as it's the second biggest city in the country and home to the mighty Trojans, I figure a visit is in order.” (RollBamaRoll, a University of Alabama blog)
  • “But he found Los Angeles uncongenial and after 18 months or so returned to England having failed to get established.” (from London Times' obituary of screenwriter James Doran)

  • “When Jews lived in Vienna and Budapest early in the century, these cities of the Hapsburg Empire were world centers of intellectual activity and economic growth . . . When Jews came to New York and Los Angeles, those cities towered over the global economy and culture.” (George Gilder, “Silicon Israel,” City Journal)
  • Spread is a skin-deep glance askance at the City of Skin Deep — Los Angeles, “where all the beautiful little heartbreakers go to live and dream,” narrates its hero. (Film review, Colorado Springs Gazette)
  • “Life in Los Angeles is dynamic but my heart remains in Edinburgh.” (Cold Case actress Louise Linton interview in the Edinburgh News)
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