Guess what our publicity shy mayor was doing Monday. Go ahead, take a guess. That's right, he was meeting with President Obama, jocking Barack for federal cash so he can get his “Subway to the Sea” down Wilshire Boulevard in 10 years instead of the planned 30.

That's cool. We need a guy like Antonio Villaraigosa pulling for L.A. (and for his own legacy/vanity project).

But really, Mayor V., 14 tweets about your meeting with the Obamanator? It's social media overload man. Compare the number of tweets from Villaraigosa's Washington trip to the number of votes he recently received at a Daily News online poll measuring his performance:

When we wrote about the poll, the mayor had only received three or four votes for top, “super” performance in most categories (and one of those votes belonged to us).

As we reminded readers, the mayor has a staff of 200. Only four people in the world gave him top marks in most categories. (Sorry to repeat).

So the guy (and his staff) put out more tweets in a day about one meeting than the the number of votes they could muster for a poll on his performance in the San Fernando Valley's premier news source? Really?

Shows where the guy's focus is. (Mainly on himself).

LA Weekly