Los Angeles Loves Wrestling

WWE Superstar NevilleWWE Superstar Neville

L.A. loves wrestling! Sure it's not a real sport, but if you're thinking about that, you are focusing on the wrong thing (nobody thinks the actors on Grey's Anatomy actually perform surgery). It's scripted entertainment, kind of like sports soap operas. Most fans over the age of 12 don't question the validity of match outcomes, but thousands of Angelenos are die-hard fans who commit to the experience as only L.A. fans can.  Every year the WWE holds one of its annual pay-per-view events at Staples Center. For six consecutive years L.A. played host to WWE's second largest annual event, SummerSlam. This year L.A. hosted the Hell in a Cell event, where Los Angeles fans likely witnessed the Undertaker's final cell match, in the main event against Brock Lesnar. Photos by Ryan Orange

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