Vegas? Well, Vegas douches are just Angelenos on vacation. Jersey? That's not a city. Miami? Too good-looking to be douches. We've said it before: L.A. is the douche capital of America.

Honest Tea's annual publicity stunt in which it sets up pop-up kiosks with its product and an honor system asking folks to pay $1 for each beverage seems to prove it.

How did we do, Los Angeles?

Not so good.

Out of 12 big cities we ranked second to last in honesty, with an 88 percent giving-a-buck rate. (Actually, 9 out of 10 people giving up a dollar for what could be free is not so bad if you ask us, but still … ).

“It was refreshing to see that most cities were in the 90 percent range,” Seth Goldman, president and “TeaEO” of the company said. (Yeah, TeaEO).

According to an Honest Tea statement, here's how they did it:

On July 19, Honest Tea, the nation's top-selling organic bottled tea company conducted a social experiment by setting up unmanned pop-up stores stocked with ice-cold Honest Tea and Honest Ade in 12 cities across the United States. Signage asking visitors to leave $1 per bottle on the honor system was posted next to a transparent (but securely mounted) cash box. In partnership with Ustream, hidden cameras were arranged to provide live video feeds of each pop-up store on the interactive website that documented how honest people actually were and tracked the real-time honesty results of each city.

We're bummed that New York beat us out for least honest result, at 86 percent.

We have a call in to Honest Tea headquarters to find out where they set up the kiosks this year — so we can figure out where all the dishonest Angelenos are.

Last year the experiment hit the Grove shopping center, Runyon Canyon Hollywood & Highland, Santa Monica Pier and the Venice boardwalk area.

Hmm. Westsidey innit? The rich get richer, one dishonest buck at a time. Wonder if all those folks on the Eastside are just as greedy.

This year Chicago took the most-honest crown. Suckers.


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