Bolstering our claim once more that L.A. is America's douchiest city are the results of a survey today that show Los Angeles is also the least-honest metropolis in America.

Yep, we did it. After coming in as the second least-honest town last year, L.A. tops or, rather, bottoms this year's list from beverage maker Honest Tea.

The national survey found that only 79 percent of L.A. respondents were totally honest. In fact …

… Venice on its own ranked even lower, with a 76 percent honesty rating.

Credit: Honest Tea

Credit: Honest Tea

How did they do it? Researchers set up tea stands in each town and asked for a voluntary buck. They tallied who gave and who didn't.

Salt Lake City, home of the Mormon, and Oakland, home of the occupier, ranked at the top with a 100 percent rating, according to the company.

The lowest of the low included New York's Brooklyn borough, which just beat out Venice. To be fair, though, that's a neighborhood and it didn't represent the entire metropolis (New York as a whole had a healthy 92 percent honestly rate).

Credit: Honest Tea

Credit: Honest Tea

In other news, women nationwide were more honest, with a 95 percent rate versus 91 percent for men.

People with beards (96 percent), readheads (94 percent), “suits,” (94 percent) and West Coasters (92 percent) also ranked high on the honestly scale.

Strangely, Las Vegas (95 percent) and gamblers (93 percent) also did well. Honest.

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