L.A. is still one of America's rudest cities. Just try to catch a wave at certain surf spots.

But we're apparently getting nicer. Maybe it was the mild if not downright warm winter we had, no thanks to El Niño.

Travel + Leisure just revealed its America's Rudest Cities list. We're No. 4. The good news is that we're no longer No. 1, as we were in 2011, when the publication noted that Los Angeles was a “three-time champion.”

The list is part of Travel + Leisure's America’s Favorite Places survey, which looks at quality of life, how walkable a city is, crime and safety and, of course, cordiality among locals

“Despite sunny skies and palm tree–fringed boulevards, Los Angeles still has a reputation for being a bit unfriendly,” the publication says.

It suggests that visitors avoid Hollywood glitz. Nobody likes keys being thrown at them at the valet stand.

“It’s hard to be rude to anyone while enjoying a bowl of banchan in Koreatown,” Travel + Leisure states.

True that.

You might be happy to know that New York beat us for rudeness. The Big Apple ranked third after taking the championship last year.

Phoenix is No. 2. The publication suggests that an influx of new residents has hardened this otherwise mellow desert metropolis.

Miami is your champ this year. “In addition to rudeness, the city had a pretty high snob score,” Travel + Leisure stated. We admire how the publication avoided the term “douche.”

Filling out the top five was Philadelphia. Ain't no way L.A. is ruder than that pothole-infested, Guido haven.

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