Los Angeles is ranked the 6th worst place to live in the country, according to a study by AOL's Wallet Pop. The website compiled a list of the top 10 worst cities to live in the country and using factors such as unemployment rate, pollution, crime, health data and other factors that would make one miserable and depressed.

You know what's miserable and depressing? The thought of getting so old that you use AOL. Who uses AOL? It's the Internet equivalent of “60 Minutes,” Brylcreem, and eating “supper” at 5 in the afternoon. It's for people who were middle-aged during the “Mad Men” era, but weren't nearly as cool as Don Draper.

Excuse the AOL rant, but really, why is this company still in existence? Did they win the big battle with CompuServe? What are their best cities? No doubt Scottsdale, Ariz., and Naples, Fla., are near the top of the list, with all their great senior specials and water-slurping golf courses.

Anyway, pollution was a major contributing factor for L.A. being in the top (or worst) 10. The study found that the metro area between Long Beach and Riverside had the worst ozone pollution (basically, air pollution) in the country. That's not really L.A., but sure.

Other cities that made the list included Las Vegas, Phoenix and Miami. El Centro, another California city south of L.A., ranked first in the study for its 27.5 percent unemployment rate. We can't speak to El Centro, but Vegas and Miami are pretty fun, at least in small doses.

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