Los Angeles has a reputation for being a cold and unfriendly big city filled with type-A a-holes and those three other Hollywood executives.

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But, lo and behold, a PayPal report that dropped just in time for the holidays says that we recently ranked third in the United States for the total cash giving:

Yep. Not only that but we were fourth in terms of the number of people who donated, PayPal says in a statement.

The firm crunched the numbers after looking at its online and mobile giving data for so-called #GivingTuesday, a sort of anti-Black Friday for donating to your favorite causes.

It fell on Dec. 3 this year.

You did good. According to PayPal America gave up $3.5 million that day through its service. That's nearly a 124 percent increase over last year.

Somebody got a holiday bonus this year.

The cities with the greatest number of donations made via PayPal mobile:

Credit: Anna D/LA Weekly Flickr pool

Credit: Anna D/LA Weekly Flickr pool

New York

San Francisco


Los Angeles


(Why they break out Brooklyn, which is part of the city of New York, we don't know). We asked a PayPal publicist for the total cash-giving ranking but had yet to hear back.

PayPal states:

While Giving Tuesday was clearly successful in sparking digital donations this holiday season, PayPal wants to continue the momentum through year end through its campaign, StampOutChecks.com, which runs through Dec. 31.

We're impressed that our narcissistic town did so well. Keep on giving, L.A. It will make you feel good about yourself in ways that plastic surgery never will.

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