Los Angeles Holistic Dentist Demands Poisonous Fluoride Be Removed From Water

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Dr. Linda Makuta, a holistic dentist practicing in Los Angeles for over 20 years, has launched an impassioned campaign demanding the complete removal of fluoride from the county’s municipal water supply.

Citing mounting scientific evidence of fluoride’s toxicity, especially to children’s neurological development, Dr. Makuta is urging citizens to join her in pressuring local officials to stop fluoridating the water.

Fluoride is an extremely toxic substance, even more poisonous than lead. In fact, fluoride is commonly used in pesticides and rat poison because of its potent toxicity. Accidental over-ingestion of fluoridated dental products has resulted in serious poisoning incidents and even death.

“There is a very real threat to the health of Los Angelenos from fluoride in our drinking water. The fact that fluoridated toothpaste tubes warn users to call poison control if more than a pea-sized amount is swallowed shows how toxic this chemical truly is.” said Dr. Linda Makuta, DDS, the highly acclaimed Los Angeles holistic dentist.

“We cannot keep exposing the population to uncontrolled doses of this poison on a daily basis. Our government has a duty to take action now to remove fluoride entirely for the sake of public safety.”

Fluoride Is Not The Reason Why Tooth Decay Declined 

Fluoride supporters frequently claim that the drop in tooth decay since the 1950s resulted from widespread fluoridated water. In 1999, the Centers for Disease Control stated that “tooth decay steeply declined in the late 20th century due to water fluoridation.”

However, the CDC failed to mention decay rates plunged equally in western nations without fluoridated water. The dental literature confirms tooth decay has diminished at comparable rates in non-fluoridated western countries.

WHO data proves this by documenting parallel decay trends in nations with and without fluoridated water or salt. The facts show tooth decay substantially waned in the latter 20th century throughout the western world, not merely in areas with fluoridated water as fluoride proponents proclaim.

Fluoride Linked To Lower IQ

Earlier this year, a controversial report from the National Toxicology Program (NTP) was finally released linking fluoride exposure in pregnant women and children to reduced IQ in children. The report, which took six years to compile, went through extensive peer review before the NTP attempted to publish it in May 2022.

However, the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services reportedly blocked the reports release for months. It was only after a lawsuit and court order that the NTP published the report in January 2023, though it labeled the exhaustive review a “draft.”

The report’s findings could have major implications for water fluoridation policies and a current lawsuit against the EPA concerning risks of fluoride exposure. Public health agencies tried hard to suppress the report, only relenting after transparent efforts to stall its publication were exposed. The report provides the strongest evidence to date that fluoride is neurotoxic to early brain development.

Recent Research Confirms Fluoride Is a Neurotoxin

While fluoride advocates argue that water fluoridation is safe and beneficial for dental health, a growing body of research tells a different story. In 2006, a comprehensive review by the National Research Council (NRC) found major gaps in the scientific understanding of fluoride’s effects on the body. The NRC stated that “many of these questions are unsettled” and that there is “much less information than we should” about water fluoridation which has been going on for over 70 years.

Current safety standards fail to protect the most vulnerable members of our population, including children and the elderly. The purported “safe” dose of fluoride for adults to ingest every day for a lifetime is enough to cause clinical signs of skeletal fluorosis over just 10-20 years. Fluoride toxicity varies greatly among individuals based on genetic factors, yet safety standards do not account for this variability.

Additionally, the margin between the “safe” fluoride level and a toxic dose is extremely narrow. The NRC concluded that the upper limit of fluoride allowed in drinking water is toxic to human health. This means the purported “safe” levels we are currently exposed to are likely unsafe as well.

Fluoride Forced Onto Angelinos

“Did the people of Los Angeles ever get to vote and decide if we wanted to have fluoride added to our water? Or was this toxic chemical forced upon us without our consent? We never chose to be involuntarily medicated when we turn on our taps. It’s time the government stops this unethical mass medication program and lets citizens take back control over what goes into our drinking water.” said Dr. Linda Makuta, DDS.

Leading LA Holistic Dentist Demands: “No More Fluoride Poisoning Our Water”

As a doctor and concerned citizen, Dr. Linda Maktua, DDS is calling for all fluoride to be removed immediately from Los Angeles County’s water supply. She is urging all Angelenos to pick up their phones and demand the poison be removed from the water system.

“Our government has the duty to protect public health, and allowing this pervasive low-dose poisoning of the population to continue is negligent and unethical. I urge all citizens to join me in demanding safer water for our communities. Our health and our children’s futures are at stake. The time to act is now.” said Dr. Linda Makuta, DDS.

Here are some suggestions for actions people in Los Angeles can take to ensure fluoride is removed from the local water supply:

  • Contact your local city council members and mayor to voice your concerns and demand they take action to stop water fluoridation. Attend city council meetings and speak during public comment periods.
  • Write letters and emails to the water companies/districts that supply your area calling for an end to fluoridation. Provide them with scientific evidence on the health risks.
  • Start or sign petitions calling for fluoride-free water. Petitions show widespread public support for an issue.
  • Organize peaceful protests and awareness campaigns. Distribute flyers educating the public on the dangers of fluoride.
  • Get involved with anti-fluoride groups advocating on this issue. Their experience can help spearhead removal efforts.
  • Share posts and information on social media to spread the word about fluoride’s toxicity. Use hashtag campaigns to gain traction.
  • Contact local environmental organizations for their support and advice on enacting change.
  • Write letters to the editor of local newspapers highlighting the need to stop fluoridation.
  • Engage with and educate local parent/teacher organizations on protecting children’s health by removing fluoride.

Sustained community action and public pressure are key to getting local officials to end the practice of water fluoridation. By making our voices heard, we can gain fluoride-free water for the health of Los Angeles.

Join Los Angeles Holistic Dentist Dr. Linda Makuta In Taking Action

Through petitions, protests, contacting representatives, and spreading awareness on social media, Dr. Linda Makuta, DDS aims to galvanize public opposition to the “low-dose poisoning” of Angelenos. Dr. Makuta passionately argues that the government has an ethical duty to protect public health by halting this hazardous practice. She urges all citizens of Los Angeles to join her in her mission to remove fluoride from the water supply.

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