It appears that Los Angeles County authorities might have had the kind of goods on the douchebag parents of a murdered 2-year-old girl that could have allowed them to take her away when she was born, according to county documents reviewed by the Weekly.

The girl barely knew life when she died Oct. 6.

Erica Johnson was beaten to death last week at her grandmother's home near 106th and Cimarron Street in unincorporated South Los Angeles. A man who was at the house, 21-year-old Davon Smith, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

The parents were underage teens when they had Erica: Taelor Moore was 16, Eric Johnson was 17.

The most damning evidence showing that something could have been done to prevent Erica's tragic demise: When she was pregnant Moore was on probation, she was AWOL from a probation home, and her whereabouts were known to a county probation officer who said he had “worse cases to deal with.”

Both parents had troubled lives. Johnson was on probation and had narcotics and burglary arrests on his record.

Moore was known to county Department of Children and Family Services officials, but not because she was pregnant: Her mom, dad and grandma made several requests for the county to take her in because, they alleged, the teen was violent toward them.

Would all that have been enough to take a newborn away from her mom? We're not sure. But we are sure it's a question DCFS and probation officials will be asking themselves soon.

LA Weekly