Does anyone else find it ironic that in this self-absorbed bastion of PETA-loving celebutards yesterday's top dog for Hollywood types — the Chihuahua — has been kicked to the curb like trash?

Really, L.A?

We reported this week how the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is sending homeless Chihuahua pups to Houston and Edmonton, Alberta, where they're more likely to be adopted. Funny, we haven't heard of any big-time animal rights activists/A-listers who have homes in Edmonton.

It's a little understandable that last decade's trends in L.A. are still happening in the fly-over regions. After all, we wouldn't be surprised if Marshall's is shipping some of its unsold Ed Hardy gear to Houston (sorry, Houston).

But these are living, breathing pets we're talking about here — man's so-called best friend.

Our commenter of the day, Elene, assures us that the Chihuahuas will find good homes, even if they're far from the the homeland that bred Taco Bell:

There's actually a shortage of smaller dogs in humane societies in other parts of the country so thank goodness people want them in other parts of the country. it's just too bad we end up with so many of them here. Next step is helping out some of these poor pitbulls.

Here's an idea, L.A: Next time you want a dog, make sure it would jive with your lifestyle, fits in your purse, and matches your decor before you adopt, m'kay?

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