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Four years ago, Latin-alternative Spanglish quartet Los Abandoned took the stage for what was billed as the last time. With just two days notice, fans flocked to Tarfest to watch their heroes, who'd been hailed by critics like Gustavo Arellano as the new face of Rock en Español.

Thankfully, it wasn't actually the end. The group — who feature singer Lady P (Pilar Diaz), guitarist Don Verde, bassist Vira Lata and drummer Dulce — will play for a Day of the Dead party at the Echoplex tomorrow night, October 28.

“We wanted to do a [reunion] show because we just left so abruptly,” said Lata, “and an outdoor festival on a Sunday afternoon was probably not the best way to say goodbye.”

The group had ruminated on a reunion since last year, when conflicting schedules forced them to turn down a benefit performance in Chile. They kept the dialogue open until earlier this year when Mucho Events promoter Ricky Garay brought everyone around to his idea for a Day of the Dead reunion.

Garay'd had the idea since promoting a few shows for Diaz' solo project. “I would always casually mention it,” said Garay, “but I would never bug them about it because I knew it was a personal thing. It was something that I was trying to wrap up before we left La Cita.”

“[Garay]'s calling it the resurrection of Los Abandoned,” said Diaz, “and that's the only way we would be able to do this. There's a whole theme to it, there's a purpose. There's a story behind it and that makes us doing a reunion show that much more special and engaging.”

For the event, the group has been rehearsing since August. They plan to perform nearly every track in their catalog, and will also throw in a few surprises. There'll also be music courtesy of Mucho resident DJs Frank Leopold, Noir, and guest DJ Santi, plus Day of the Dead altar installations, skull-face painting, a photo booth and souvenir giveaways.

Los Abandoned's trademark gimmicks and flair for costumes — they've performed in WWII outfits, as the cast of The Royal Tenenbaums, prom outfits, etc. — will also be in effect.

“If you know who we are,” said Diaz with a laugh, “I don't think you'd expect any less.”

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