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Los Abandoned

The Echoplex


Better Than…everything on MTV Tr3s.

The anticipation and excitement over Los Abandoned's reunion show could be felt on the faces in the long, serpentine line that began at the entrance to the Echoplex and ended near the tunnel on Glendale Blvd.This show was four years in the making…and it delivered.

Lady P, Vira Lata, Don Verde and Dulce came on around 11 p.m. It was the first time they'd performed since their last “final” show, at Tarfest in 2007, which was hastily put together. This was their chance to say goodbye and thank you to their fans in a proper way.

Lady P reaches out to her fans; Credit: Ivan Fernandez

Lady P reaches out to her fans; Credit: Ivan Fernandez

The quartet started their set with “Favorite Band,” with the crowd singing “Why can't my favorite band stay together” along with Lady P. The group continued through a set of bilingual alt. rock and pop-punk tunes, pausing only to thank their fans for their dedication. They literally played every track in their discography with the exception of “Ojos” and “Office Xmas Party.” They did two encores, and even had wardrobe changes!

Throughout the night, the crowd sang, danced and moshed — although sadly no one dove off the stage or crowd-surfed. My guess is that the giant esqueletos and calaveras scared off any brave soul from making an attempt.

Los Abandoned took a 20 minute intermission after the second encore, and returned to the stage covered in zombie make-up and fake blood. Verde kicked off their final set — a bunch of covers — with the opening lick to Oingo Boingo's “Dead Man's Party.”

They finished with Simple Minds' “Don't You Forget About Me.” All of it had me secretly hoping that more bands would break up, so that they could later reunite for a proper send-off.

Personal Bias: I interviewed the band last week.

The Crowd: Sharply-dressed hipsters who can bounce to a quebradita after spinning right round, baby, right round.

Random Notebook Dump: The bartenders must have been in a damn good mood because they were making the drinks hella stiff.

Set list below.

Set List:

Favorite Band

Conquistarte Bien

About You

Nada Mio Es Fake


Venden Mi Nostalgia

Live & Direct

A La Mode






Stalk U

Encore 1


State Of Affairs


Encore 2

Me Quieren En Chile

Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)

Como La Flor (Selena cover)

Covers set

Dead Man's Party

White Wedding

Atomic/Call Me

Rock Lobster


Don't You Forget About Me

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