1. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.

Very often men confuse style with purchase price. The trick to looking good isn't spending a lot of money on an outfit, it's taking the time to make sure the clothing FITS. It is very possible to make a $200 shirt look bad by buying a size too large or small. However, wearing clothing that fits well makes you look like, well, a million bucks.

2.Get it tailored.

If you are going to bother leaving your house, trying on clothes, and spending your hard-earned money on them, you might as well get the best fit that you can. Whether it be a shirt that's a bit billowy in the torso, or a pair of slacks a bit too long, factor in a little extra cash to get it custom-fit. Often, it will cost you less than initially planned and will always make you feel like a king.

3. Don't buy items, buy outfits.

Just because you “like” a shirt does not mean that it will work in your wardrobe and, much like buying an expensive shirt that doesn't fit, there's no sense in getting a nice item if it's going to clash with the rest of your clothing. (Unless that's what you're going for!) At the beginning of your fashion journey, find a picture of an outfit that you like online or in a magazine and search for each item to build that look. Once you have your go-to outfit, you can swap out individual elements (whether it be a different shirt or different accessory) for different outfits.

4. Subtlety is key.

In 2005, fashion was all about rhinestoned Ed Hardy patterns and big, abrasive outfits that would get noticed. Five years later, the Audigier hangover has worn off and fashion has evolved to embrace subtlety and the small elements of fashion. In a high-end club in Los Angeles, you're more likely to find a guy wearing a suit than you are an Affliction eyesore. However, that suit is most likely custom-tailored with a skinny tie and $150 cufflinks. Not just any old suit.

Women are incredibly adept at spotting subtleties (the cut of the collar, the ribbing on the shirt, the polish of your boots) and those subtleties directly translate into effort and confidence. And from there comes phone numbers.

5.Evolve your fashion.

“That which does not evolve, dies” is one of my favorite phrases and it directly applies to

fashion. Looking good is almost (and is, in a lot of cases) a full time job. In order to be on top of trends, you've got to keep evolving your look. Yes, that snap bracelet and those LA Lights sneakers had a great three-year run, but they are making you look dated and out-of-touch. Follow men's magazines (such as Esquire and GQ) for current trends and ways to update your wardrobe appropriately.

6. You're missing the point of Peacocking.

Remember that Peacocking was originally the act of wearing one item that would give a woman a reason (and thereby, the opportunity) to approach you. Of course, the founding members of that theory took it to the extreme (as the fathers of a theory are wont to do – see: Socrates), but that does not mean we need to. Nowadays, a feather boa and a cowboy hat go overboard and elicit negative impressions from women. Something subtle, like a well-chosen ring or a fancy tie-bar will set you apart from the rest, while proving that you have both style AND class.

JT Tran

JT Tran

7. It works if you work it.

Above all, whatever style you choose, remember to rock the shit out of it. If you're wearing sunglasses indoors like Jay-Z but are still stumbling over shit-tests or if you've got tall Russell Brand heels that you can barely stand up in, you're missing the point and are likely to get no action. Like every aspect of Pickup Artistry, you must first develop a strong sense of self and then capitalize on your confidence. This translates directly into your personal sense of

style, so find a style that, rather than lamely attempting to hide your insecurities, highlights your impressive qualities and your results will skyrocket!

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