Fake it may be, since it's not actually broadcast on air, but comedy troupe Fake Radio's re-creation of vintage radio dramas comes complete with scripts in hand, period costumes, and an uncanny sense of a time warp gone horribly right. The troupers stay so true to their premise they even include the commercials. Tonight's show is an episode of 1940s spy series Dangerous Assignment, an NBC Radio program whose name should have won an award or two for most uncreative title of a spy series. Secret agent Steve Mitchell's adventures take him to an atlas-worth of exotic locales: “A lot of places I can't even pronounce. They all spell the same thing, though — trouble.” While reverent of the source material, the proceedings are often spiked with improv, so expect innuendo. Also expect an appearance by celebrity guest Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall. If you really want to get all meta, you can buffer the stream on Fake Radio's website (www.fakeradio.net), turn off your monitor, and listen to the broadcast just like they did in the good old days, back when chicken cost 3 cents a pound and you bought them alive.

Thu., April 23, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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