We scoped out the scene at Swim!, the weekly pool party held at The Standard in West Hollywood, to research fashion and beauty trends that are superhot right now. And by “right now,” we mean at the time we went to press. Due to the innate fickleness of “it” people, the hip factors of these looks are all subject to change without notice.

Dynasty Shades. These oversize ’80s sunglasses are everywhere. You know the ones we mean, the kind Alexis Carrington would have hidden her scheming eyes behind. We saw ’em in black, brown and white, with their tinted lenses growing lighter as they reach the cheekbones. A few had those filigreed brass hinges that, like Joan Collins, practically scream, “You bitch!” And the bigger the better. Let’s just hope perms and shoulder pads aren’t exhumed next. For the boys, the Howard Hughes look still reigns — it’s aviators all the way. Urban Outfitters (www.urbanoutfitters.com) has some great versions of both right now for 10 bucks, and all along the Venice Boardwalk you can find ’em for $5.

Tie One On. An East Coast newspaper recently declared the death of flip-flops, stating that the only place they are appropriate is on the beach. A quick poll of the crowd’s footwear indicates this may be true. The most popular sandals we saw were goddessesque lace-up flats, though wedges were still going strong. And cowboy boots won’t die, not even in summer — a few gals rock them with tiny polyester running shorts. Some comfy wedges and tie-up sandals can be found right now at Ross for under 20 bucks. Why spend the dough on more expensive ones — you know that even cheap shoes will outlast ?the trend .?.?.

Romper Room. Who wears short shorts? Apparently everyone. Skimpy bottoms appear to be acceptable for both sexes again. The boys have tossed the long surf trunks and are stepping out in ’80s ball-skimming drawstring bathing shorts (think Baywatch), while the ladies have packed away the terry-cloth Juicy trunks of yesteryear in favor of crisp cotton shorts. But a true hipster wouldn’t be caught dead pairing shorts with flip-flops. We spotted more than a few velour rompers, too — you know, the one-piece tube-top short shorts. God bless American Apparel, making you relive your youth, one one-piece at a time. Velour rompers, American Apparel, $28, www.americanapparelstore.com.

Jumpers and Babydolls. A white cotton gauzy frock is the daytime equivalent of the cocktail dress. The most popular ones resemble nightgowns, with eyelet touches and flouncey hems. Loose-fitting and flowing is the way to go; these will cover up more than your bathing suit. Urban Outfitters has some really cute summer jumpers, $78 (www.?urbanoutfitters.com).

Cosmetic Alchemy

Sure, there were a handful at the party who were too cool for pool, but if you want to get wet, here are some tips to keep you looking fresh.

Waterproof Mascara. Make sure you wear it. Nothing’s sadder than seeing a pretty girl jump into a pool and come out looking like a raccoon. Bourjois Paris makes a great waterproof/sweatproof mascara that comes in green, blue and black. One end contains an extension cream, a kind of creepy emulsion, but after you coat it with the colored mascara, it looks like you have fake lashes on, and you can swim all day without any smudging. Sephora, www.sephora.com.

Use Protection. Ah, sunscreen. The most effective ones contain titanium dioxide, which gives you a ghastly white complexion that hasn’t been in fashion since the French Revolution. Tarte cosmetics makes a tinted titanium-dioxide sunscreen called Smooth Operator with 20 SPF and six shades to choose from. You can look good while you protect your skin. And don’t forget your lips! Tarte’s 24.7 — a blend of vitamin E, mango and cocoa butter with SPF 15 — keeps them soft and subtle. Tarte, www.tartecosmetics.com.

Bronze Casts. You’ve blocked the sun from your face and body, but you still want a healthy glow? Try DuWop’s Bronzerush, a two-step tan in a compact. Dust the powder all over your face and neck, then dot your cheeks with the creamy coral rouge for an instant cancer-free sun kiss. For your body, try DuWop’s tinted Revolotion cream — it gives limbs a bronzy glow. www.duwop.com.

Tame the Mane. Beachy hair can be cool, but if you’re partying from day to night, you might want to bring a headband or a hat along for the evening. John Frieda expert stylist Abell Oujaddou (clients include Heather Locklear, Kate Hudson and Robert De Niro) suggests applying a leave-in conditioner post–pool dip, twisting the ends, securing them with bobby pins, and covering your head with a silk scarf till it’s dry. When you take out the pins, you’ll have soft waves.?

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