An especially ambitious hooker was arrested last week after police discovered she was selling a lot more than hot dogs in a bun out of her little Long Island food truck. You know, like sauerkraut and hand jobs.

She got found out after two undercover cops ordered some snacks to go and ended up being offered a couple sex acts that weren't on the menu.

Truck owner Catherine Scalia, 45, was arrested on prostitution charges and put in jail – for the second time. She and a colleague were nabbed for attempting a similar operation in 2004.

Grossed-out neighbors alerted authorities that the woman was back in biz after residents saw her handing out business cards along with kielbasas advertising topless cleaning services and strip teases for cash.

Like what you see, Officer?

Like what you see, Officer?

So two brave policemen did their part and, once one of them brought Scalia back to a hotel and enjoyed (?) a lap dance before handcuffing her. With real handcuffs.

“She agreed to manually stimulate him for an additional $50,” said Nassau County Police spokesman Kevin Smith. Ew.

The best part? Not only was Scalia screwed for offering to screw customers (very against the law) she didn't even have a permit to sell and serve hot dogs to the public.

LA Weekly