Don't you wish you could just put a LoJack system on grandma so the next time she wanders off mumbling about the “invaders” you could locate her easily?

Well now you can.

That's right folks, a company called EmSeeQ can equip grandma, grandpa, even the little baby with a LoJack-like locator that will let you sleep easy knowing that granny's on the mean streets of L.A. but can easily be tracked down. In fact, that's just what happened in L.A. recently …

The makers of EmSeeQ say an elderly man was found recently by Los Angeles police who were notified that the elder had the device. It was activated and it called 911, allowing the company to triangulate his position via mobile phone towers.

(We couldn't find any LAPD statements on this particular missing person, although that doesn't mean this didn't happen).

The company states:

Throughout the search, the dispatcher was able to continuously update the EmSeeQ device's location, allowing the relay of real-time location data to the highway patrol officer on the ground. They followed the dispatcher's instructions and located [the man] ten miles away from his home at the precise location provided by the EmSeeQ.

We need to put one of these on Lindsay Lohan.

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