For the second time this spring Lindsay Lohan as reportedly dissed Los Angeles. This time she told a source of E! Online that the people in L.A. are “disgusting.” The latest distaste for our fair city comes after the actress was ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet as part of her terms of bail for a 2007 DUI conviction. A series of missteps on her part, including missing a court date and being spotted partying near what appeared to be a line of cocaine (or, as we suggested, margarita salt for a one-sided glass), seemed to have led a judge to crack the whip on the 23-year-old.

In March Lohan lashed out at the Angel City after she was not allowed to cut in line at a celebrity hot-spot. “I pick new york jus like Jay Z…… Wouldn't you?” she tweeted.

This month Lohan reportedly said she wanted to live in New York or London. Would you mind? E! has gone so far as to commission a poll asking readers where the thespian should live.

One small point of order, however (and on this we're just splitting hairs, because greater L.A. is really a quilt of dozens of cities): Her troubles in court happened in Beverly Hills. Her problem at the velvet rope happened in West Hollywood. Just sayin.'

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