Ron Sossi, artistic director of the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, suffered a major heart attack on Monday, May 26, while attending a movie. He was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital in West Hollywood, and underwent triple bypass surgery two days later on Wednesday, May 28.

He is expected to recover. Odyssey Theater press rep Jerry Charlson said that doctors anticipated that Sossi would be driving again by July, and would return to work in August.

Sossi took home a lion's share of L.A. Weekly Theater awards this year – including Production of the Year, Direction and Production Design — for his staging of Koan Ensemble's “Sliding into Hades” at his Odyssey Theatre.

He is no stranger to heart attacks but has, until now, resisted surgery as a form of treatment. Sossi founded and has been running the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble since 1969.

LA Weekly