Remember when that professor at Northwestern invited a guest speaker to class who ended up bringing along a horny chick with a Fuck Saw in her handbag?

Thought so. Well it just so happens that the only place you can buy a Fuck Saw online happens to also be one of the longest-running adult companies on the Internet and a Los Angeles native. The Stockroom, located in an old flag factory in Silverlake, is known for its less conventional bedroom tools as well as its devotion to instruction.

So what better place to bring back the Fuck Saw, complete with the guest speaker who made every mainstream news reporter's day? (It certainly was the first and last time anyone could say, write and tweet “Fuck Saw” with a straight face and without a restraining order.)

Stockroom University, The Stockroom's “academy” for sex demonstrations and seminars, has invited Ken Melvoin-Berg to its classroom to re-do his demo, entitled “Networking for Kinky People,” to inform his public of the proper ways to use more intricate sex tools such as the Fuck Saw.

“We thought that presenting the original class by the original presenter made sense since it gave people the opportunity to see the demo for themselves in-context, and make their own judgment call about the educational value of it,” Stockroom President Mike Herman told AfterDarkLA. “The Stockroom is a company that places a great deal of emphasis on education – besides the monthly Stockroom University seminar series, which Mr. Melvoin-Berg's workshop will be a part of, we also own a publishing house, Daedalus, that specializes in educational erotica. So given our commitment to teaching people how to explore their sexuality in a safe, sane way, re-presenting the Northwestern seminar seemed like a natural choice.”

Herman said The Stockroom crew hadn't even heard the Northwestern hoopla when it happened. Curiosity was sparked after finding an unusually high amount of traffic being sent to a particular product on its retail website: The Fuck Saw. Then they saw the media reports – and what information they lacked – and grew concerned.

In 2009 a couple attempted to make their own Fuck Saw with a saw, a dildo and some bits and pieces and caused some damage both to the poor unsuspecting vagina and the intimidating sex toy's reputation.

“Safety was the other major reason why we chose to stage this seminar and respond in a public forum about the incident at Northwestern in the first place,” Herman said. “Yet we met with a lot of resistance from the major news wire services when we tried to send out a press release about it. One of the things that the wire services balked at publishing, ironically, was the safety information that the original version of the release contained.”

The Stockroom assures that though the Fuck Saw looks intimidating as hell it's perfectly safe and designed with special locking bases that prevent slippage as the contraption speeds up to 2,500 strokes per minute.

It's been created to resemble an ordinary reciprocating saw – but it isn't actually a reciprocating saw.

“The danger remains purely part of the fantasy – which is how it should be – if the Fuck Saw is handled right,” Herman said.

Its all in how you lick it. Wait, what?

Its all in how you lick it. Wait, what?

The Stockroom University workshop is open to those over age 18 and will take place April 9 from 4-7 p.m. at Stockroom's retail shop on the street level of its giant red factory. For $20 each attendee can enjoy an extra special lesson in sex toy use and still make it to happy hour to tell your friends what you learned.

Stockroom is located at 2809 ½ W. Sunset Blvd. More info about the course listings – and tickets – can be found on Stockroom University's online schedule.

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