Like all of you, I’m so ready for it to be spring and get out of this cold rainy L.A. winter we are having. I’m excited to start trying new things and get out of the house. One way I love to do this is by helping those who are in need in any way I can. Finding the time and organizations to do this can be difficult, but there are so many amazing groups to choose from.

In West Hollywood, at the Bootsy Bellows Nightclub, David Arquette and Christina McLarty are hosting a benefit for the non-profit organization Healthy Humor. This will take place on February 22 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. and has already happened on February 7. This bash will include food, drinks, a silent auction, live entertainment, and many celebrities will be in attendance. David Arquette and his wife Christina McLarty will be serving as the co-chairs. Other celebrities that will be attending include Christina Hendricks from Good Girls and Mad Men, Francis Fisher from Titanic, Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, and actress Rosana Arquette. Healthy humor is a non-profit organization that uses joy and laughter to support the healing of sick children and others who are suffering. This incorporates healthcare clowning, which is people who go to hospitals to alleviate stress and sadness during the patient’s hospital stay. Laughter and humor can bring joy to people’s lives, and in times of suffering an organization like this is inspiring and helpful to those who are sick. Healthy Humor has served over 600,000 families and has partnered with 15 hospitals. David Arquette hopes to continue to spread joy and laughter through this bash to spread awareness to people on how Healthy Humor works and impacts so many lives. For more information on donations and purchasing tickets for this event visit

Some other local organizations that serve others are FoodCycle LA, PATH, School on Wheels, My Friends House Foundation, and Bright Path Center. FoodCycle LA works to fight hunger and end food waste. They need volunteers in different areas to recover food from various restaurants and grocery stores. For School on Wheels, you can volunteer to tutor children in need or those who have a difficult time learning.

My Friends House Foundation needs volunteers to help the human service organization give life-sustaining staples to those who are in need.

Lastly, Bright Path Center provides workshops and training to improve development in education and increase independence, productivity, and self-determination in children. They provide housing for families or individuals in transitional periods or long-term need.

If you are looking for organizations to get involved in, these are great ones in the Los Angeles area to look into. Don’t forget to check out the Healthy Humor Bash coming up on February 22 to support David Arquette and Christina McLarty’s Healthy Humor organization!

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