Today the House of Representatives, which has been moving as fast as any glacier when it comes to health-care reform, jumped into action to vote 345-75 to strip ACORN of the money it receives or was scheduled to receive from the federal government. The bipartisan outcry (Monday's Senate vote was 83-7) swiftly materialized following a series of gotcha videos showing ACORN workers in several cities giving outrageously illegal advice to people masquerading as prostitutes and pimps.

ACORN's shenanigans have been used to whip TV viewers into a frenzy by Fox News' Glenn Beck. Beck scandalized his listeners in the Great America Living Room with tales of ACORN villainy. Then he urged them to complain to the liberal media that this terribly important saga  was deliberately being suppressed. Today the San Gabriel Valley Tribune's Frank Giradot, who's been fielding some of these complaints, tells readers about the practical fallout of Beck's instructions.

“What amazes me most is that a good majority of the Beck callers don't even subscribe to the local paper – or any newspaper for that matter. If they subscribed, they would know there have been printed stories in this newspaper laying out most of this tale.”

Giradot says that when he's pointed out that the Trib has done

three recent stories on the ACORN affair, his callers dismiss this and

then complain that the stories are not big enough or prominently


“I remember WWII and how sweet the nation was then

and I cry when I think of how much it's come down since then,” one

elderly woman told Giradot. “These little kids see movies with

half-naked people and they think it's okay.” Exactly.

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