If you ask us Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be the last person to inspire a dance-floor anthem.

After all, his biggest claim to fame so far as hopefuls vie for the GOP nomination is being a steady rocking, under-the-radar, cardboard cutout candidate who will probably get the nod by way of not making a gaffe and/or by failing to shake things up.

No, we'd much rather hear tunes inspired by Herman Cain (who seems to repeatedly bring the pain) or the foot-in-mouth master Rick Perry. And surely Michele Bachmann has inspired a love song or two, what with those big, hungry eyes.

But, no, Romney, strangely enough, is the inspiration for a jam by LMFAO, the L.A.-based kings of the club hit (see “Party Rock Anthem”).

“We Came to Party” (as in “we didn't come here to fight”) is based on the duo's near-violent (or not) run-in with Romney on a flight from Vancouver to L.A. last year, the band admitted recently.

The pair accused Romney of putting a “condor grip” on LMFAO's Sky Blu after he failed to put his seat up per the ex-governor's request.

Mitt's the shit.; Credit: mittromney.com

Mitt's the shit.; Credit: mittromney.com

For his part Romney's camp said the candidate was “physically threatened” and that “Romney did not retaliate, but instead allowed the airline crew to respond to the incident.”

Ah, sounds like the makings of a harmonic, velvet-rope banger to us.


LA Weekly