Hell hath no fury like a woman un-friended.

Lizet Sariol was sentenced today to two years probation and 100 hours of community service after she phoned in a fake threat to an airline saying her ex-lover on-board posed a threat to the LAX-to-Paris flight, U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Thom Mrozek told the Weekly.

Making matters worse for the Romeo in question:

He and his pals on-board the United Airlines flight, which was scheduled to make a stop in Las Vegas Sept. 25, all have Arabic surnames.

The FBI rushed the plane before it took off, and the ex-friend, Frenchman Adnen Mansouri, told authorities he was expecting them because Sariol had been making threats via Facebook and text messages in the hours before the flight was scheduled to depart.


Credit: Franco Bouly

Credit: Franco Bouly

What's extra strange about this caper is that Sariol and Mansouri were not, in fact, lifelong lovers. No, court records indicate that the two hooked up in L.A. while Mansouri was apparently on vacation for … four nights.

She said he kicked her out of the Beverly Hills place where he was staying right before his scheduled return to Europe.

Before phoning in the threat Sariol texted this to him:

Don't even try to get on the plane (I) called the fbi Sucks to be all of you hope you all have good attorneys.

Oops. Not sure about Mansouri, but the government has good attorneys. And phoning in fake threats to an airline is a federal crime.

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