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Joey Jordison might possibly be the busiest musician in heavy metal today. His decade-plus career as the uber sonic madman behind the drum kit for the mighty Slipknot is only one of many musical projects he has been a part of. After producing up-and-coming bands like Otep and 3 Inches of Blood to drumming for Korn, Satyricon, Ministry, Metallica and Rob Zombie, Jordison finds himself once again playing guitar for the Murderdolls, a horror punk/glam metal group he founded 8 years ago, currently lead by singer Wednesday 13.

It's been six years since the Murderdolls shared the stage together, but from the sound of things at the Key Club on Thursday evening, some might think they were playing together yesterday.

Eager fans awaited as the lights began to dim. As the band took the stage, it was clear that the chemistry between Wednesday 13, Jordison and the remaining musicians on stage was powerful. No wonder many music critics often label The Murderdolls as a mix between the Misfits and Motley Crue. Musically, we imagine a heavy metal version of the Adicts, or a thrash metal version of the NY Dolls.

Beginning sharply at 11 p.m., fans were treated to an extremely high-energy 90 minute set which included old favorites and several new songs. Tunes like 'Slit My Wrist,' and 'Twist my Sister' got heads banging, horns raised and fists pumping. Fans also went wild for the new single, 'My Dark Place Alone.'

Jordison and Wednesday 13 proved that they can create catchy, punk-infused glam metal songs with riffs just heavy enough to please everyone from fans of Slipknot to RATT. The band 's encores included a haunting cover of Killing Joke's 'Complications' and of the Misfits ' Hybrid Moments,' which produced an old-school punk circle pit. The show was closed with 'Motherfucker I Don't Care,' 'Dead in Hollywood,' '197666,' and 'She Was a Teenage Zombie.'

As the Murderdolls' set came to a close after around 90 minutes, Wednesday 13 announced the song 'Welcome to the Strange' from the Freddie vs. Jason soundtrack and dedicated it to their fallen brother. “This one goes out to our friend Paul Gray, this was his favorite Murderdolls song, this one is for him,” said Wednesday 13, before the band broke into the emotional song.

Jordison and the band bowed beforethe audience, full of spit, sweat, beer, make up and frizzled out hair. As the band exited the stage, Wednesday 13 promised a return to Hollywood. “We love each and every one of you crazy motherfuckers for coming out, we will be back to rock Hollywood again soon!”

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