Artillery art magazine gets to the bottom of important issues with “Round One Art Debates: Arguing the Issues That Really Matter,” a live art debate that is sure to be more colorful than those goons on TV. Topics include “Art as Commodity,” “Conceptual Art,” “Graffiti Art,” “Art Under the Influence” and “Blurbs: The Next Performance Art?” Okay, that last one was a (bad) joke, but Artillery editor Tulsa Kinney tips us off that the “Under the Influence” debate will feature some dude known as “The Poseur,” who will be arguing after boozing. Maybe that would have helped Ms. Palin. Mary Woronov, Gordy Grundy, Josh Herman and others take a stand, and the audience votes, just like America. Circus Gallery, 7065 Lexington Ave., L.A.; Sun., Oct. 12, 3-6 p.m.; free (it better be). (323) 962-8506.

Sun., Oct. 12, 3-6 p.m., 2008

LA Weekly