Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot opened their San Gabriel location yesterday, April 4. This is the chain restaurant's second location in the greater Los Angeles area. The menu is similar to it's Hacienda Heights counterpart, featuring herbal, spicy and vegetarian soup stock options.

“Everything is pretty smooth so far,” Little Sheep International CEO Michael Wu said. “We're just ironing out the little things.”

For those unfamiliar with hot pot culture, it's essentially a Chinese version of fondue. It's history comes from Mongolia, where nomadic tribes would gather around to cook around a communal broth. Little Sheep is known for their aromatic broths, and patrons get to choose what ingredients (from lamb shoulder to mushrooms and spinach) they want to be cooked in the hot pot a la carte.

The restaurant is slated to launch an all-you-can-eat option beginning May to September.

LA Weekly