Call him the “King of Kitsch,” the “Knight of Nostalgia,” the “Chancellor of Cheese.” Charles Phoenix has made a career out of touring with his retro slide show, presenting real-life scenes of a bygone America, which are lovingly loony. In the words of Monty Python, and now for something completely different: It's Charles Phoenix & The Third Dimension, a two-act show in 3-D. Everyone will receive a free pair of 3-D glasses to watch highlights, such as: stereoscopic images of the Victorian era, the classic “Viewmaster family” at home in the '50s, SoCal's theme parks and space-age suburbia in Kodachrome, behind the scenes of early sci-fi TV, legendary world fairs, cheesy cheesecake and beefy beefcake, and the 3-D musical stylings of Dominic, the “World's Greatest Roller Rink Organist.” Mr. Phoenix tells us: “People have been asking if I've somehow transformed my vintage 2-D Kodachrome slides into 3-D. I wish it were that easy! The answer is no. My show is all new (vintage) material for me.” Audiences are invited to dress in lipstick red and bright turquoise in honor of the lenses on classic 3-D specs. (Note: The show is rated “3-D PG” due to the cheesy cheesecake.)

Sun., July 11, 2010

LA Weekly