In addition to being, well, pleasantly insane, Bay Area rapper Lil B is apparently a big, big fan of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The member of Berkley hip-hop crew the Pack, who have a new album out called Wolfpack Party, released a new solo song via his Twitter account yesterday called “Ellen Degeneres” (sic).

Since his lyrical style is a sort Wesley Willis-Cash Money hybrid, it's not immediately clear exactly what it is B appreciates about his muse, although repeated listens reveal some similarities:

Getting paid a bunch of money to do shows, having a thing for interviewing girls on couches and, um, having “hair cut like a baby.”

Highlight: “Put me on the couches / Interview my girlfriend / Swag swag-swag-swag, bra / Brrrrrang-dang-dang, your girlfriend.”

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – “Ellen Degeneres” [redirect]

Proof that Ellen does indeed have admirable swag:

“Straddle walk the table, mane”:

With Obama, to the original, “Crank That”:

All the way to Africa (?):

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