Prior to his days covering the city's tastiest (and unhealthiest) lunches under $10, Los Angeles food blogger Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch worked as a music programmer at Sirius Satellite Radio in New York. But when Brooks went bicoastal two years ago, he didn't give up his love for music but instead channeled it into a site called “Food Is the New Rock“, which just launched its first “preview” podcast yesterday.

When the podcast officially launches next month, Brooks and co-host KCRW DJ Chuck P — a figure who is something of a local legend among music geeks — will host a special guest each week to discuss “the places where food and music intersect in pop culture.” So what type of crowd is Brooks hoping to attract to the show? “We might talk to a musician about food, or a food person about music, or maybe just a random person who likes food and music,” he says.

“Food Is the New Rock” might have set a pretty high bar for itself with the guests featured on this week's podcast, Kogi chef Roy Choi and the Beastie Boys' Mike D. The star-studded duo of musical and culinary talent discussed Mike D's new curated art installation Transmission L.A.: AV Club, an exhibit currently running at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, which includes an interactive coffee bar and a pop-up restaurant featuring a Choi-designed menu.

The half-hour interview contains some pretty amusing anecdotes, ranging from the duo's initial meeting at A-Frame prompted by the song “What'cha Want,” to the Beastie Boys' epic discovery of the french-fry sandwich during an '80s tour stop in Glasgow. Choi and Mike D also detail the process of what is was like creating an impromptu menu for the event (Hint: It includes pickled strawberries and fresh ramps) as well as how the early days of hip-hop parallel the rise of food-truck cuisine in Los Angeles. It's a worthwhile listen if you're at all interested in the creative process — whether in the studio or in the kitchen.

The podcast is available on iTunes and Soundcloud for free, or you can find it at

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