CORRECTION: Turns out this song has been shared before — no less by West Coast Sound contributor Kevin Bronson via his blog, Buzzbands.LA.

We've always loved L.A.'s Leslie Stevens and her Badgers.

So naturally we were pleased as punch to learn that Nashville-based Americana label Thirty Tigers is going to be re-releasing the indie country band's quite stunning 2009 album, Roomful of Smoke, on August 17.

This wider release (the band released it themselves originally) will have a “slimmed-back” track listing, sporting 11 songs instead of the original 13, losing “If I Was Linen” and “What Fall Promised.”

Naturally it's still produced by David Bianco (Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub) and offers “Stevens's menagerie of vintage country rock, Laurel Canyon folk and haunted gypsy jazz.”

But as long as “Los Angeles” is on there, we don't care if the rest of the tracks are Barenaked Ladies B-sides. Well, okay, that was a lie.

DOWNLOAD: Leslie Stevens and the Badgers – “Los Angeles” [MP3]

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