We like weird when it's done right, and Highland Park art-rock sextet Fol Chen almost always does it right.

The Asthmatic Kitty-signed group, which shares a couple of members part-time with the Liars, dropped its challenging-yet-funky sophomore LP, Part II: The New December at the beginning of June, and first single “In Ruins” has already been given the remix treatment.

That, of course, means we're about due for another free tune, and Fol Chen don't disappoint, today releasing the orchestral broken-beat banger, “The Holograms.”

There's no video for the new track yet, but if you haven't seen the clip for “In Ruins,” it's very much worth watching, filmed in an area of Iceland abandoned after the devastating April eruption of nearby volcano, Eyjafjallajökul.

Here's the video:

And here's “The Holograms”:

DOWNLOAD: Fol Chen – “The Holograms” [MP3]

L.A. Weekly's got the scoop on Fol Chen's July 6 record release show at The Echo.

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