Update: Lee got six years behind bars as well as a $20,000 fine. AP.

She's sorry. So sorry.

Lisette Lee, the Beverly Hills woman who used her family's private jet to smuggle 7,000 pounds of weed to the non-medical state of Ohio pleaded for sentencing leniency this week, saying in a letter to a federal judge that she is …

… shocked and appalled at the devastation caused by drug usage, and cannot even begin to express how sick I feel inside for even having danced around the fringes of this world, ignorant as to its relentless destruction.

We're going to guess the judge might not be enamored with the wording “danced around the fringes.” Smoking a joint is dancing around the fringes. Being friends with Charlie Sheen is dancing around the fringes. Going to a Cypress Hill concert is dancing around the fringes.

Flying $3 million worth of chronic is being a core part of “this world.” Just sayin.'

Lee could face 10 years to life for the smuggling operation, and she has already served about one.

That time, she says, has opened her eyes to the “ruined victims of drugs.”

Her attorneys argue that the time she's already served is enough, especially in light of the fact that marijuana is quasi-legal in Lee's home state of California.

They also allege that co-defendant David Garrett enlisted her in the smuggling scheme “because of her naivety and her access to her family's private jet,” according to Associated Press' take.

Hmm. Naivety. Let's fly bricks of this federally outlawed, schedule 1 drug across state lines and claim naivety. Good luck with that, Lisette.

First posted at 7:06 a.m. on Tuesday, June 7.



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